The “First International Spectroscopic Colloquium” was held in Strasbourg, France, from 12th to 14th October 1950, and it was organized by the French Group “Groupement pour l’avancement des Méthodes Spectrographiques (G.A.M.S.)”. It represents the first of a series of Conferences that only few years later will be definitely called “Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale” (CSI). Organized at the beginning by several European countries, it probably witnesses the will and the need of the scientists to recover from wartime conditions. The first extra European edition, CSI X, was organized in Maryland , USA, in 1962. By that time the CSI assumed a definite world-wide international character, since it has been hosted and organized in all Continents. Since 1969, CSI is held every two years and its organization is governed by a Constitution since 1983. For any colloquium the Constitution provides the possibility to present a CSI Award for outstanding contributions to analytical spectroscopy.

CSI IStrasbourg , France1950 (October, 12-14)Bellamy, M. P.
CSI IIVenice, Italy1951 (September, 14-16)Masi, O.
CSI IIIHigh Leigh, England1952 (September, 1-4)Smith, D. M.
CSI IVMuenster, West Germany1953 (September)Seith, W.
CSI VGmunden, Austria1954 (August, 30-September, 3)Mayer, F. X.
CSI VIAmsterdam, The Nederland1956 (May, 14-19)van Togeren, E.
CSI VIILiege, Belgium1958 (September, 8-12)D'Or, L.
CSI VIIILuzern, Swisse1959 (September, 14-18)Luscher, E.
CSI IXLyon, France1961 (June, 5-10)Robert, L.
CSI XCollege Park, Maryland(USA)1962 (June, 18-22)Scribner, B. F.
CSI XIBelgrad, Jugoslavia1963 (September, 30-October, 4)Tutundzic, P.
CSI XIIExeter, GB1965 (July, 11-17)Menzies, A. C.
CSI XIIIOttawa, Canada1967 (June, 19-23 )Gilleson, A. H.
CSI XIVDebrecen, Hungary1967 (August, 7-12)Török, T.
CSI XVMadrid, Spain1969 (May, 26-30)Lopez Ascona, J. M.
CSI XVIHeidelberg1971 (October, 4-9)Kaiser, H.
CSI XVIIFlorence, Italy1973 (September, 12-16)Masi, O.
CSI XVIIIGrenoble, France1975 (September, 15-19)Croissant, P.
CSI XIXPhiladelphia, USA1976 (November, 15-19)Brame, E. G.
CSI XXPraha, Czekoslovakia1977 (August, 30-September, 7)Kuba, J.
CSI XXICambridge, England1979 (1-6 July)Bills, K. M.
CSI XXIITokyo, Japan1981 (September, 4-8)Kamada, H.
CSI XXIIIAmsterdam, The Nederland1983 (June, 26-July, 1)de Galan, L.
CSI XXIVGarmish-Partenkirchen, Germany1985 (September, 15-20) Laqua, K.
CSI XXVToronto, Canada1987 (June, 21-26)Berman, S.
CSI XXVISofia, Bulgaria1989 (July, 2-9)Petrakiev, A.
CSI XXVIIBergen, Norway1991 (June, 9-14)Langmyhr, F.
CSI XXVIIIYork, UK1993 (June, 29-July, 4)Steers, E. B. M.
CSI XXIXLeipzig, Germany1995 (August, 27-September, 1)Nickel, H.
CSI XXXMelbourne, Australia1997 (September, 21-26)Barnett, N. W.
CSI XXXIAnkara, Turkey1999 (September, 5-10)Atman, O. Y.
CSI XXXIIPretoria, South Africa2001 (July, 8-13)McCrindle, R.
CSI XXXIIIGranada, Spain2003 (September, 7-12)Sanz-Medel, A.
CSIXXXIVAntwerp, Belgium2005 (September, 4-9)Van Grieken, R.
CSI XXXVXiamen, China2007 (September, 23-27)Huang, B.
CSI XXXVIBudapest, Hungary2009 (August, 30-September, 3)Záray, G.
CSI XXXVIIBuzios, Brasil2011 (August, 28-September, 3)Campos, R. C.
CSI XXXVIIITromso, Norway2013 (June, 16-20 )Thomassen, Y.
CSI XXXIXCoimbra, Portugal2015 (August, 30-September, 3)Carvalho, M. L.
CSI XLPisa, Italy2017 (June, 11-16)D’Ulivo, A.