Application Guidelines

Through a number of grants, CSI XL will support a selected group of PhD students and young scientists to facilitate their participation at the conference and to encourage them to contribute with an oral presentation to the scientific program. The grants will be available upon application and selection by the CSI scientific committee. The grants will be addressed to students who are currently in their doctoral programme and to young scientists under 40 years old.

The winners will contribute to the scientific program with an oral presentation. The grant will cover the registration fee and the accommodation (the grant will NOT include travel expenses).

Application must be submitted in one single PDF document through an e-mail to The subject line of the e-mail must be “GRANT APPLICATION FOR CSI XL”. Submission deadline is 20th of February 2017.

The application PDF file to be attached to the e-mail must include:

  • A Cover Page with name, surname, e-mail address, affiliation and the title of the contribution;
  • An academic curriculum vitae (CV) of maximum one page;
  • A list of publications (peer reviewed manuscripts and abstract of conference contributions);
  • For PhD students only: a copy of the certificate of enrolment in a PhD programme;
  • A letter of recommendation of PhD supervisor or group leader or the director of your organisation;
  • An abstract for an oral contribution following the style requirements of the CSI abstract guidelines;
  • Add all the authors and organisation e-mail addresses;
  • The abstract should be written as informational abstracts including purpose, methods, results, and conclusions;
  • The Abstract must not exceed 3000 characters (incl. spaces);
  • The Abstract should not contain figures or tables;
  • Nomenclature, units of abbreviations must be in agreement with the rules established by IUPAC;
  • References should be reduced to the papers which are directly related to the abstract.

The applicants will be notified about the winners on the 8th of March 2017.